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I have been mixed in the Premier League for a long time, and some middle and lower clubs always make the giants shiver. For example, black cats that conquer demons, magpies for car repairs, wolves that block gun eyes, canaries that shoot the moon... It’s strange to say that these small animals usually seem harmless to humans and animals and even often wander in the relegation zone, but they are appetizing. The giants are Popeye's spinach to them, and they will develop into Godzilla as soon as they eat it.


In this regard, Liverpool's life and death robbery is the first crystal palace. Although the Red Army has won six games in a row against the Crystal Palace, every time they encounter the Eagles, the Red Army fans will have a feeling that something is going to happen in this game. Therefore, we must first review the fear of your village being ruled by Eagle Brothers in those years.


- In the 37th round of the 2013-14 Premier League season, Liverpool's final fight for the title. In the 78th minute, Liverpool still had a 3-0 lead, but in the next 10 minutes, Crystal Palace scored 3 goals and cried Suarez directly.


- On November 9, 2015, Liverpool lost 1-2 at home to Crystal Palace, and the Eagles gave Klopp coach Liverpool their first defeat. Klopp recalled "It was the most isolated and helpless day for me at Liverpool, because many fans left early."


——On April 23, 2017, Liverpool lost 1-2 at home to Crystal Palace. Benteke scored twice and Nicolas celebrated passionately. Since then, Anfield has never lost again in the league.


The above black history is matched with the state of Liverpool's big break in the last game and Atkinson... all of these are enough to force Uncle Slag to start the strongest.


It can be said that the formation of troops in this game is the universal formula for Liverpool to win. Then everything came back.


First, Liverpool's wing attack once again formed a three-person team mode. Mane and Salah are responsible for attracting firepower and cut in the center at the right time; Robertson and Arnold are responsible for passing and inserting, and by the way, they show affection through long passes; Du Mu and Henderson are in charge of ferrying the ball and inserting into the Crystal Palace penalty area. With the left and right ribs, a few shots can make Liverpool and Crystal Palace shout at the same time "Ouch!"


Second, the trident fits together. In the last game, the trident that lacked Salah lacked half of the soul. Although the remaining two wanted to play the previous match, their closely aligned thoughts would always volley and split, and then leave a speechless. ending. Facts have proved that Mane needs Salah to share the defensive pressure, and Firmino needs Salah's back and cooperation. Sometimes the two even need Salah to be alone, otherwise they will not even be able to save their anger. come out.


Third, Fabinho. In this game, Fabinho passed 93 times, 91 times were successful, the pass success rate was 98%, 6 steals were all successful, 2 interceptions, the highest score of 9.5 points, the static and delay feeling after his comeback at the beginning of the year Swept away, a wave of acceleration even ran out of the smooth PPT.


Fourth, Liverpool finally got rid of the holiday syndrome, and the frontcourt pressed and played the spirit of "If you don't win this game, it will be over."


Fifth, the narrators sent by Sky Sports are Hypia and Luis García. The combination of the hardest captain and the strongest gangster is obviously effective in warding off evil spirits.

第五,Sky Sports派出的叙述者是Hypia和LuisGarcía。最坚强的队长和最强壮的黑帮的结合显然可以有效地驱除恶魔。

Then, Zaha ended up with a sloppy injury... Arnold, the only weak defensive chicken, announced that the alarm was lifted.


Therefore, this game has become a Red Army exhibition game where the Eight Immortals cross the sea and show their magical powers.


——When Liverpool’s frontcourt firepower is full and the touch is full, even if Atkinson does not give a penalty, it can still produce countless free kicks for Arnold to try. So, the prince finally saved a scimitar.


——When Henderson and Wijnaldum pressed all the big waists of the Crystal Palace to the edge of the penalty area, Fabinho could slowly send a kick pass, Salah flashed past, and the eagle's entire defense line was dry Stare.


——When Fabinho turns on the "one step long shot from the three-point line" mode, you will think of the piles of Harman, Riise, Gerrard, and Alonso. By the way, watch Robertson's prostitute once World-class assists.


——Also, when everyone thought that Salah would definitely start looking at the Golden Boots after he scored the 17th goal, he used that not very bright right foot to give Mane a big slash assist, leaving aside Firmino, who was alone, momo hand in hand to return home.


One leaf boat is light, and two oars are shocking. The heavy resembles a painting, and the song is like a screen. The water is clear, the shadows are clear and the waves are flat.


This is Liverpool in this game.


Klopp said: "This is a wonderful game. If you are involved, if you are close to these players like me, you will feel as happy as I. The way they play, our team showed His passion is so extraordinary, some moments even make me unable to believe it."


Therefore, in order to stabilize the emotions of the fans, the old scum began to test the newcomers.


A. There is a Nico on the right and a pineapple on the left. These two will be the backup for the right back and left and right wingers.


B. The center arranges for Takumi Minano. If you have any objections, Klopp will give you a set of highlights from Firmino's first season in Liverpool.

B.中心安排Takumi Minano。如果您有任何异议,克洛普将为您提供Firmino利物浦第一个赛季的精彩集锦。

C. Left back... he started to play Wijnaldum's idea. Gini looked at the old man in the stands, his 34-year-old himself was full of eyes.


The above is the list of summer signings for the Liverpool club in the 2020-21 season.


Well, let's say something happy first. In this game, Crystal Palace touched the ball 0 times in the Liverpool penalty area. This is the first time that Opta has this technical statistics (2008-09 season so far). After this game, Liverpool have already led Manchester City by 23 points. If Manchester City cannot beat Chelsea early tomorrow morning, Liverpool will win the league title seven rounds ahead of schedule.


Now, what makes Liverpool fans most entangled is whether to "win the title at Manchester City's home" or "let Manchester City line up to welcome it". Of course, this matter is not for Liverpool to decide.


Speaking carefully, I'm terrified.


From 2014 to 2020...


Chelsea, once again have to decide Liverpool's championship.


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